Inspirations for Selkie Anderson's Music

One of the great sources of Inspiration is nature. Whether woodlands or seaside, many songs have their origin here. Living close by the magical Teutoburg Forest in Germany has sparked many new ideas and settings for videos.

The simplicity and ease to which we can return in nature is reflected in many of Selkie Anderson's songs.
Being without justification, breathing and returning to the moment, experiencing the aliveness of the present - now, not yesterday, not tomorrow - now.

Music is created from the magic of the present and nature is a gateway there.


Stories and Fairytales
Legends and tales don't only fascinate us, they also fulfill an important purpose. They contain and convey knowledge, they offer explanations for the world and they especially give us the opportunity to experience aspects of the story ourselves.

What do I feel, after I walked though Mordor with the hobbits? What is my own most important quest in life? How does a 3000 year old legend move me today? Which great questions have people always asked and which answers are to be found in folklore? What magic is hidden between the trees and which portal can open in the closet - or inside my own mind?

Stories have always been connected with the music of their time and the bards of today still weave them into their songs.