Magical concerts for enchanting events

Gigs for various occasions - from fairytale harp music to wondrous handpan worlds. Festivals and larger events are possible outside of Germany as well. Online event booking is possible too. Get in touch!

Magical Harp and Hang Concerts

Ein musikalisches Highlight auf der Bühne

Magical music worlds on fairytale instruments. Let the music take you on a journey through stories and myths, the wonders of nature and the adventures of life. Follow the words and vocals into an enchanted realm, where the here and now meets the otherworldy.  

Mystical and wondrous songs, some original material and some magical interpretations of well known tracks.


Instrumental Harp Magic

Untermalende Klänge für besondere Anlässe

Enchanting harp atmospheres to accompany dinner events, receptions, outdoor tea parties and similar occasions. Add some extra magic to your celebration!

Die sanften Klänge sowie die wunderschöne Optik der Harfe lassen die Gäste in eine einzigartige Atmosphäre eintauchen und erschaffen ein ganz besonderes Ambiente bei Veranstaltungen.


Mystical Wanderers“ – Selkie Anderson & Mike Modulacja

Mystische Auftritte im Duo

What happens when electronic composing & sound design meets fairytale instruments? This question sparked "Mystical Wanderers" - the performance project of Mike Modulacja (composer / beatmaker) and Selkie Anderson (harpist / hangplayer / singer)

A synthesis of both of their arts was born, bringing together the best from each world.

This interwoven art of soundscapes, rhythms, acoustic instruments and vocals creates a fascinating new alliance between the old and the new. Mystical Wanderers is a journey through music and fairytales, inviting the audience to enter vast sound spheres and dream worlds.


„Selkie and the Wolf“

Akustik Folk Duo Auftritte mit Harfe, Gitarre und Gesang

From our local castles to Loch Lomond - a musical journey from dreamy places in the Teutoburger Forest to the Celtic coasts and Scottish highlands. Get ready for our own compositions (created in our beloved woodlands) and interpretations of classical folk traditionals.

Acoustic Folk Duo Selkie and the Wolf from Bielefeld, Germany: Selkie Anderson (Celtic Harp/Vocals), Rhuodwolf (Guitar/Vocals)


Wedding Harp

Zauberhafte Auftritte bei Hochzeiten und Trauungen

Fairytale music for fairytale weddings and hand fasting ceremonies. Make your special day magical!


Fire ’n‘ Music

Feuershow mit Live-Musik

A collaboration with the fire group Feuerflut - mystical live music by Selkie Anderson sets the scene for an enchanting fiery performance.

A mystical and fiery highlight for outdoor events!