Release Overview

The tracks are available on digital platform like Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon.

The CD version is available for 10€ at concerts. Mailing them is also possible. Send Request

“Magical Woodlands”

The Celtic Harp album “Magical Woodlands – Celtic Harp Songs and Mystical Melodies” is a musical journey into an enchanted forest realm.

Dreamy harp melodies and soundscapes take you into a magical world. Little acoustic surprises complete this mainly acoustic album - like originally recorded bird voices from the Teutoburg forest, where many of these songs were written.

The amazing album artwork was created by Diana from Arthemis Art. Find her magical wok here on Instagram. 

“The Passage”

A true fairytale- version of this track. When creating a music video for this song, the ideas began to flow for a tale about the great myths of the sea. This story was recorded over the original song and also woven into the video.

The song is available for 1€ on Bandcamp and can be found on the other digital platforms as well.

Song and Video

The ocean footage was recorded on a magical day on Fehmarn, at the Baltic sea. By the evening, ocean and sunset porivided an epic scenery for the video.

“A Drop in an Ocean”
During the first lockdown , the inspiration for this track came. It is a song for the calmness within, which became so important during that time. Breathe in - breathe out.

The song is available as a "pay-what-you-want" download on Bandcamp and can be found on the other digital music stores too.


Song and Video

Parts of the music video was filmed at Movement Theater Bielefeld where we were allowed to shoot the scenes. A warm thanks to their team!